Technological Credo

(Deutsche Version)

lat. credo – I believe. This is what I believe concerning God & Technology.

I believe in God, the origin of all technology. He commanded menkind to invent, discover and use technology to steward, fill and multiply the earth to His glory. Yet we humans perverted this aim of technology by putting our own glory first, using it to manipulate nature and other men in order to “get” what we “want”.

I believe that God can redeem any technology, subvert any mischief, and even use our failures to glorify him; this is what the whole creation is yearning for. I believe that he loves to cooperate with us in this process; if our lives are completely submitted to him, the tools we use will join our worship.

I believe that God cannot be overcome or surprised by technology. There is nothing more powerful, more awe-inspiring, more practical and more efficient than God’s love. If we use technology but do not love, all our efforts are bound to fail. If we love God, ourselves, others and nature, we will use technology in a way that glorifies God and confirms the God-given value of people and nature.

I believe that God is preparing a dwelling place for us. In that city, some technologies of today will be irrelevant, some will be given by God, and many will finally be used to their full potential.

(© Photo by Tom Taker – CC BY 2.0)