How God Made His Love Grow

(Deutsche Version)

What would Jesus invest in? As you know, His Father is very, very rich. And as rich people go, they are very specific in what they want to invest. So together, Father, Son and Holy Spirit invented a wonderful, fail-proof investment opportunity. Here is what could have been their reasoning:

– Okay, so we have a lot of love to invest. We need to spend it, otherwise it can’t grow. Where can we invest it? What ideas do you have?
– Maybe into the sun?
– Hm, good idea, it will radiate everything it receives.
– Yes, but love shouldn’t be one-way, right? We need something else.

– Maybe … we invest into a tree?
– Oh yes, the tree can bring delicious fruit and relaxing shade …
– … and in return, its receivers can cuddle and water it!
– Amazing idea!
– Sounds good. Except… a tree doesn’t have a heart like us. How can it feel loved then?
– We need something more like us.

– Okay, maybe the human?
– He is so cute, isn’t he?! Sounds splendid.
– We can love him all day, and he can love us back! You’re a genius! Very good.
– Except… maybe he’ll get bored one day?
– No, we will make sure he won’t get bored, ever! He will share in our responsibilities: planting, naming, caring, …
– Yes, but… he would only love us because we love him.
– Why else should he love?
– Yes, I know, but something feels … not good.

All three were pondering.

– I think I get what you mean. We love to invest, so we should let him be an investor, not only a receiver.
– Exactly. So what do we do?
– What about … creating two different humans, similar yet different? Then they can decide to love each other.
– Brilliant! And to take your idea even further – what about letting them create new humans?!
– Maybe they enjoy it just as much as we do?!
– Wow! Yes! And then – not only can they invest their love in them, they can see their love grow in a very tangible way!
– We should make sure though to emphasise that family is a lifetime commitment. Otherwise they may create orphans, not sons.
– You are right. Oh, and then, these children will get children again – let’s call it generations!
– Yes! And these children will choose each other, just as we have chosen the human! So that a person can be a very special person of another person!

And so the design of family gradually took form. For hours, they continued to discuss it in every detail. Their excitement grew and grew, until Jesus cried out:

– Wait! … What if … We are giving them the power to choose whom they love, correct?
– Correct.
– What happens if they choose not to love us?
– Then they won’t be able to receive our love anymore.
– And they would start to hurt each other.
– With devastating consequences …

– But why should anyone do this? I mean, our love is the best they can get, right?
– That’s right, but suppose somebody tricked then into mistrusting us. What can we do?
– Then … we have to show them what real love looks like.
– Again and again.
– Even when they waste our goodness, taking advantage of us.
– Even then.
– Over many generations.
– Potentially, yes.
– Even unto death.

Suddenly, the entire heaven was silent. Pensively, Jesus added:
– You mean … to prove that Life is stronger than Death.

The Father nodded.
And slowly, Jesus said:
– Ok, I am ready. Let’s do it.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
(Genesis 1:31)

Photo by Orlando Allo on Unsplash

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