Bigger than the storm

(Deutsches Original)

The storm is raging, the waves are crashing. There’s an uneasy feeling in the stomach. When Jesus said it was time to leave, didn’t he see the dark clouds on the horizon? Wait, actually – where is he? Didn’t he enter the boat before us?

The waves continue to rise. Oh no, it starting to rain. Navigator, are we still on target? Captain, is our boat still safe? Jesus, Master … where is he?

Sleeping? Peacefully. He doesn’t fear the storm. Look, he’s even smiling.

Or maybe he’s just indifferent? Is he so tired that even this storm doesn’t bother him? Wake up, you have to help us! Master, Master, help us, we’re sinking! There, water is flooding our ship!

He opens his eyes and gives us an bewildered look. Doesn’t he see the danger we’re in? No, I’ve seen that look before. He is looking for something else, something in our eyes. He opens his mouth to speak, but he doesn’t speak to us. He turns to the sea and shouts: „Be still!“

Is it coincidence? Could it be? The rain is weakening, the waves grow calm. We breath a sigh of relief. He sits down and waits, waits for our eyes to rest on him. Finally! he’s going to explain what just has happened. But when he begins to speak, he looks into my eyes and asks:

„Why were you so afraid? Don’t you believe? Our heavenly father is bigger. Bigger than the waves.“
I can’t believe my ears. I had every right to be afraid, with a storm like this! Yet he rebukes me? Who does he think he is? Who is he to command me?

Yet he commanded the storm and it obeyed. Who is he?!? He’s the one who speaks to us in the midst of the storm and says: „Be Still. Trust me and have faith. Know that I am with you. Always.“

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