New rule: No electrical power for anybody. For one day.

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In some countries, there are emergency exercises regularly. What if ? How would society, and each individual in it, react? So here we go:

No electrical power for anybody. For one day. Well, hospitals and the like may get an exception.

And I would be kind, I would announce the power shortage a month beforehand, so that everybody can get prepared. Getting a generator is cheating! But just imagine: no internet, no banks, no flights, no shopping malls … no traffic lights, no cameras, no Playstation, no risk of dying when climbing the high-voltage poles … and billions of tons of CO2 saved! I would see it as an experiment, to detect spots where we ridiculously rely on electricity. Who knows? It could break the trend of using more and more energy every year.

And then I don’t only want the electric sliding doors to stay closed, but I also want the front doors to open. I mean, what can you do at home, not even TV is working! Game evenings are organizing themselves spontaneously, the happy owner of gas cookers invite others to cook at their place; the pile of yet-to-read-book diminishes; the yet-to-do tax return gets done, asking the neighbour for help if necessary (telephone lines are dead, too); and dogs and children are happy to get undivided attention.

3 Gedanken zu „New rule: No electrical power for anybody. For one day.

  1. Umm Ok.. I really don’t understand the German instructions for comments. But I hope this gets posted.

    No electricity?! Life would come to a standstill! I mean I know we are ridiculously dependent on power, but its become indispensible now.

    People would just take the day off. Offices would remain shut. I don’t know really. It may reduce the Co2. But it will cause a severe dent in the GDP too.

    And no newspaper to read the next day! End of the world!

  2. Of course it’s a bit of exaggerated. But nobody is seriously thinking it through, see if there would be alternatives. Why do some gas cookers need electricity to work? Would a supermarket even be able to open when electricity fails?
    And what if one day an engineer would spread the message: Sorry guys, no oil left?

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